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Graduate Student Paper Award



The Society of Historians of Scandinavia offers a prize each year to the best graduate student paper in history (including art history) presented at the annual SASS conference.

If you are a graduate student, or the faculty advisor to a graduate student, please consider a paper for this award.

The submission must be the paper as presented at the conference, with scholarly references. Handouts and audiovisual materials should be included with the submission. All materials must be submitted electronically no later than June 7, 2015, to SHS president, Glenn Kranking:

Please include a physical contact address with your submission.

For consideration for the award, all papers must be submitted by June 7, 2015.



Previous recipients of the
Society of Historians of Scandinavia's

Award for best graduate student paper in history

presented at the annual SASS meeting are


Year Recipient Institution Title
2014 Colin Gioia Connors University of Wisconsin, Madison "Google Mapping Hrafnkell's Saga: The Pitfalls and Promise of Geolocating the Sagas"
2013 Marcus Cederström University of Wisconsin, Madison "Signe Aurell and the Scandinavian-American Labor Movement in the Upper Midwest"
2012 Aaron Kahn University of Wisconsin, Madison "A Strange New Word: Folkhemment in Per Anders Fogelström's Stockholm Series"
2011 Kerry Greaves CUNY
(City University
of New York)
Graduate Center
"Pedagogy, Provocation, and
Paradox: Denmark's Kunstnernes Studieskole"
2010 Verena Hoefig University of California,
"Making Up a Founding Father:
Ingólfur Arnarson as Invented Tradition"
2009 1st Prize:
Karl Aspelund
Boston University "Defining National Culture by Stealth and Design:
How a 19th Century Artist and Secret Society Defined
20th Century Icelandic Culture"
  2nd Prize:
Lori Talcott
University of St. Thomas "The Norwegian Bolesøje: A Microcosm of
Medieval Aesthetics and Belief"
2008 1st Prize:
Jeff Hartman
University of Minnesota "Deforestation and Driftwood:
Icelandic Timber Imports in Light of
the Archaeology of Dwelling Construction"
  2nd Prize:
Glenn Kranking
The Ohio State University "Jumping Through Windows and the Antichrist:
The Absurd Foundations of the
Estonian-Swedish Cultural Awakening"
2007 Daniel Riches University of Chicago "Bengt Skytte's Plan for an International
Scholarly Community at Tangermüde"
2006 1st Prize:
J. Laurence Hare, Jr.
University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill
"When the Germans Ran Wild in Denmark:
Archeology and Identity During the
German Danish Wars, 1848-1865."
  2nd Prize:
Glenn Kranking
The Ohio State University "The Swedish Identity Crisis and Colonial Sweden:
19th Century Neocolonial Expansion and the
Swedish Diaspora in the Russian Empire."
2005 No Award   No Paper was selected for the 2005 Graduate
Student Paper Award
2004 Glenn Kranking Tartu University,
"Where is My Homeland? Repatriation
of Ethnic Swedes in the Early
Twentieth Century"
2003 Dean Bennett University of Washington "Our Goths: Sweden's Myth of National
Origin and the Political Rhetoric of
Legitimacy, Legality, and
Liberty, 1598-1632."